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Family Stories

Brandt family

“We want to spend more time with mom!” Those are words every single parent understands…and struggles to find ways to make a reality. That certainly is the case for Tiffany who is raising 5 very active children, ranging in ages from 1 to 15. Tiffany’s life has been a journey through challenges.  She tells of…
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Peterson family

A tragedy transformed into a full circle blessing! Discouragement, uncertainty, despair, places and emotions we may all have experienced but for many this hopelessness clouds their vision to ever see any open door to improve their life. Dennis joined the military shortly after high school. Dennis had many dreams, but life handed him some challenges…
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McMillan-Hintz family

“We want to stop the cycle of dysfunction from our childhood and give our children a better life”  Dysfunction, drugs and alcohol, not the desired environment to live out your childhood. Unfortunately, that was the case for Chad and Renee.   Raising 7 kids is no easy task and Chad and Renee are working hard…
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Martin family

“To finally have a place we can call Home” Oppression, anxiety, depression and not enough resources are challenges in Josh and Breanna face every day. Josh and Breanna knew each other and were friends during high school.  They graduated and they both went their separate ways. Little did they know that once again, their paths…
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Kowalzek family

Deb and Brady Kowalzek “We can’t wait to not have standing water in our house when it rains” Such a simple wish, however for Deb and her son Brady, this is the reality they live in. Deb spent most of her life caring for others. A few years ago, Deb and her youngest son Brady…
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Dubray Family

We can’t wait to stay in our “forever” home and not have to move from place to place As a parent, we dream we can give our children a better life than yourself and Lisa Dubray is no different. Her dream to give her children a stable platform of a stable home, has been a…
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Andrews-Miller family

We recently received this voicemail message from Brian regarding his new home and thought it was worth sharing. [audio wav="https://www.lakesareahabitat.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/message.wav"][/audio] “Keep trying, don’t quit, don’t give up, keep fighting” These are the words that Brian and Mandy live by and are teaching their children (ages 13, 9, 6 and 3). Brian and Mandy met when…
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Kemp Family – 2017 Brainerd

    “I just want wider hallways & doors” That’s a pretty simple response to the question of what’s needed to serve the Kemp family in their Habitat home. Paul’s in a wheelchair and he wants to be able to move down the hallway without scraping his hands on the walls; he wants to be able to…
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Bower Family – 2017 Park Rapids

“I will have my own bedroom!” April Bower and her two girls, Erika and Courtney are ready and eager to build their Habitat home this year. All three are currently living with April’s dad who has generously opened his home to them but is ready for his space to be his own. When asked what this build…
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Ray Lindberg – 2017 Brainerd

Ray Lindberg, “Papa Ray” “I can’t wait to have warm feet!” That’s a pretty simple request from a pretty amazing man. Ray Lindberg, or “Papa Ray” as he’s known by his 12 grandchildren, is so eager to move out of his cold, drafty trailer home and into a new Habitat for Humanity home with a heated…
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