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McMillan-Hintz family

“We want to stop the cycle of dysfunction from our childhood and give our children a better life”

 Dysfunction, drugs and alcohol, not the desired environment to live out your childhood. Unfortunately, that was the case for Chad and Renee.  

Raising 7 kids is no easy task and Chad and Renee are working hard to create a home where they can nurture and raise their family without the dysfunction that was so prevalent in their life.

Chad was electrocuted in 2010 which has left him with some permanent physical challenges.  Besides the physical challenges the electrocution created, they had no insurance coverage so all medical expenses came out of their own pocket. Chad now works driving truck, working for a landscaping company and anything else his physical limitations will allow.

Renee was diagnosed with cervical and ovarian cancer 10 years ago and had multiple surgeries.  She has juggled several jobs for many years to make ends meet and decided this year to finally pursue her RN degree while still working and raising 7 kids.  Her kids love the idea that mom has to do homework along with them!!

Chad and Renee are determined to break the cycle of dysfunction and create a healthy environment for their children. Strength, self-reliance and stability, these are characteristics they see for themselves and their family when they finally have a decent, safe and affordable home.  

Chad and Renee full video:  https://youtu.be/6OEgvy1MhpQ

Chad and Renee thank you video:   - https://youtu.be/aovoNZ2vOu0


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