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Meet the Richter Family!

To have a sense of belonging is a critical component of life. It gives the feeling of inclusion, acceptance, and safety. As children grow, their identity is shaped by the people and experiences they are exposed to. As an adopted child, Dani felt loved and cared for but always wondered why her birth family gave…

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Meet the Welch Family!

A home should be a place where you feel safe. It should be a place where you can rest your head, share a meal, and create memories with your family. When you do not feel safe in your home and you are unable to keep your children safe, it is difficult. That has been the…

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Meet the Nieman Family!

After growing up on a farm and graduating from Little Falls High School, Jonathan’s path to homeownership has been long, and long overdue. Service has been and continues to be Jonathan’s mission.  Starting with a 1-month stint in Thailand through Youth With A Mission, Jonathan then enrolled in the US Army to serve his country.…

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Meet the Spaid Family!

Meet the Spaid Family! Most parents raise their children with a goal to be successful in life. They teach their children basic life skills, how to overcome challenges, and to eventually live independently. Sean and Amy are doing just that with their 2 young girls. However, they have an additional “worry” for their oldest daughter,…

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Meet the Guevara Family!

Imagine growing up in a small town surrounded by family and friends and a community where children walk to Grandma’s house or help with the garden in the back yard: where parents can take their children on a bike ride or push them on a swing. That is the childhood experience that Kim had and…

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Meet the Mancillas Family!

When Ashley became pregnant with their first child at age 15, her parents helped out.  A difficult time for anyone much less when a pregnant teenager.  Things turned dark for Ashley a few years later when her parents split up/divorced.  Her response to that was to connect with a crowd who did meth and so…

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