Cass Lake, MN and particularly the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe is facing a critical housing shortage with the LLB itself identifying an immediate need of over 500 housing units in Cass Lake for tribal members.

In response, Cass County Commissioners dedicated American Rescue Act funds to assist with this housing crisis and convened a wide group of community stakeholders to find solutions.

Lakes Area Habitat For Humanity, as a part of this solution group, committed to building 4-5 homes per year for the next few years in Cass Lake. It’s a small step in helping with this crisis but an important beginning.

The first 4 of these Habitat homes in Cass Lake have started. Volunteers are desperately needed for these builds. Please contact Heidi at 218-454-7021 to volunteer.

Petra IG
Petra is a woman of unwavering strength. Life has been marked by hardship and courage. After leaving an abusive relationship, she was determined to build a new life for her and her children. She relied on support from her parents who played a very special role in her life. Sadly, she lost her father to a stroke. This has been incredibly painful for her and her mother. The rental home that Petra currently resides in offered a fresh start, however, the home is not insulated well which makes it difficult and expensive to keep warm. The home sits on swampy land so there is not a yard for the family to enjoy. She dreams of owning her forever home that is safe and affordable. Petra not only wants to provide a home for her two children, but she is honoring her commitment to family by having her mother live with her. Having the opportunity to purchase a home through Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity will relieve so much stress for the family. It will put them closer to the kid’s schools and to Petra’s work. Petra is thrilled that her dream of owning a home is becoming reality.
Candace IG
Candace knows well the importance of having a home for developing family traditions. Her greatest hope and dream is to have a place to call her own so that she can establish healthy, life-long traditions for and with her family. Growing up, Candace witnessed the negative influence that home can have and followed in the path of self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol became her vice, one she worked hard to free herself from before starting a family. Candace is proud to be alcohol-free for 6 years and counting. Candace’s most fond memories are of time spent at her grandparent’s home. Even though she will not be living in her grandparent’s home or on their land, she looks forward to owning her own home where she can create fond memories with her children. Doing science experiments, watching the stars in her backyard, or playing games are all part of the things she wants to share experience with her kids, creating those healthy traditions.
Tara IG
Tara embarked on a remarkable journey of motherhood, raising three spirited teenage boys with an abundance of love. Bimaadiziiwin, the good life is what they use to refer to their life together. Her story is a testament to the power of a mother’s love and unwavering commitment to shaping the future of her children. Raising three teenage boys is no easy feat but Tara does it with grace, patience, and a heart full of love. With every move she makes, her boys are at the forefront. They were all by her side the day she graduated from college. Tara has worked hard to provide for the boys and has always dreamed of having something new instead of new to them. Partnering with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to build a new home fulfills that dream. Becoming a homeowner has been one of her goals. Her gentle giants, as she refers to her boys, have been raised on love and in turn they put love into the world. She has prayed for a home that will give them enough space to relax and feel free.