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Board of Directors

From left to right: Claire Rud, Jon Lubke, Bob Ogdahl, Lydia Kraemer, Joe Erickson, Tom DeMers, Jim Strampe, Bill Campbell, John Cremers, Heather Windjue, Jim Boos, Dave Beyer, Doug Leckband, Todd Malecha

Claire Rud

Jon Lubke

Bob Ogdahl joined the Board in 2016.  He serves on the Personnel and Land committees.
Bob is a retired architect who believes that everyone should have a safe home. His Habitat experiences began in the 1980s designing a number of houses and volunteering on several builds.
Bob can be reached at bob@ogdahl.com

Lydia Kraemer - no longer on the board

Joe Erickson

Tom DeMers

Jim Strampe

Bill Campbell

John Cremers

Heather Windjue

Jim Boos joined the Board in 2013. He is the Board Secretary and serves on the Board Development committee and Annual Dinner/Auction Committee. Jim also helps edit the website.
Jim is a retired educator whose experiences in the classroom helped him realize the important role that family, shelter, and safety play in a person’s future success.
Jim lives in Baxter and can be reached at jsboos@gmail.com

Dave Beyer

Doug Leckband - no longer on the board

Todd Malecha



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