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Why volunteer?

  • It brings people together
  • It strengthens our community
  • To learn, or teach, new skills
  • Live out your faith
  • Build your resume and gain experience
  • Stay active and healthy
  • You can help a family
  • Because you are needed

What our volunteers have said about Habitat for Humanity

“I felt empowered!” – Shelly

“I personally just want to step out of my comfort zone. I volunteered on the last Habitat builds, and it impacted me beyond anything I could’ve imagined. I will be involved in future sites, too, and I want to be part of Women Build.” – Diana

“It’s easy to get engulfed in regular day to day stuff. It’s nice to get out there and fill your heart.” – Colleen

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Stats

We logged (and needed) over 22,000 volunteer hours in 2019
It takes at least 250 volunteer hours each week to effectively run the ReStore, including our pickup and deconstruction services.
It takes 1,300 volunteer hours to build a Habitat house from concrete slab to final cleaning and planting grass seed.