Capital Campaign

We have an exciting, extra opportunity to support Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity. In order to ensure that the move doesn't detract from the dollars we use to serve families, and to create an opportunity for the community to be part of this move, we've decided to create a capital campaign and we'd like to ask you to be part of it.

Our goal for this capital campaign is $500,000, which will be used towards the renovation of the new property. We are confident that we can raise these funds with the generous support of the community, individuals, corporations, philanthropic organizations and aligned local governments.

We'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally and ask that you call 218-454-7019 for more information on how you can help. Or, click the button below to visit our donation page. Thank you very much for your compassion for the families who urgently need stable housing and being part of this opportunity to do more.

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Why did The ReStore move?

If you'd been in the ReStore, you'd seen the cluttered aisles and limited space. We'd outgrown our location and then some.

One of the ReStore's goals has been to ensure that every dollar you donate to Lakes Area Habitat goes directly towards our home builds.

As we expand the number of families we serve, and start new projects, that means we need to ask more of the ReStore from a financial perspective.

Moving means growth. It means serving more families. It means a safer, more shopper-friendly, and donation-friendly experience.

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