Alex & Jessica's Family

Alex and Jessica embarked on a journey that will redefine their family’s future. With five daughters between them, they are a blended family held together by love. For Alex, the journey towards home ownership is about rebuilding a life torn asunder by 12 long years of addiction and the shadow of incarceration.

Determined to rewrite his story, Alex spent 14 months in treatment learning to love himself and God and to live a sober lifestyle. He gained full custody of his 2 girls and is determined to show them that redemption is possible. He met and married Jessica. With 3 daughters of her own, she understands the longing for a place to call home.

With a past shackled by the weight of addiction and incarceration many doors closed and rental applications have been denied. The family turned to Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity as a beacon of hope. For Alex & Jessica they are building more than a house, this is a lifeline. A chance to break free from the past and forge a new path forward with the promise of redemption, stability and a chance to rewrite their family’s story.

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