Kowalzek Family

Deb and Brady Kowalzek

“We can’t wait to not have standing water in our house when it rains”

Such a simple wish, however for Deb and her son Brady, this is the reality they live in.

Deb spent most of her life caring for others. A few years ago, Deb and her youngest son Brady made a choice to leave the unhealthy situation they were in for their own safety. As a single mom, finding a decent affordable home was extremely challenging. She tried to get help through public assistance, but was told she made too much money to qualify. So, the only place she could afford to live in was a basement of an old home with ceilings that are only a little more than 6 feet high. Every time it rains, they have standing water covering their basement apartment. There are holes in the walls and doors and only one small window in their apartment. Deb’s bed is the couch in the kitchen/living room. They are continually sick because of the mold and mildew.

Despite these horrible living conditions, Deb and Brady have not let their poverty define them and they have overcome these challenges. Brady is currently a PSEO student (going to college and high school simultaneously). Brady will graduate the spring of 2018 with his AA college degree (and high school diploma) and is making plans to attend the University of Minnesota to pursue a career in architecture. Deb works full time at Bethany Good Samaritan and is pursuing additional education and training to advance in her career.

Deb and Brady are looking forward to their new home that will be DRY and warm. Deb is excited to finally have her own bedroom AND her very own bed. Her dream to have a yard where she can plant some flowers and finally have a safe place for her grandkids to visit grandma will be a reality when they step into their new Habitat for Humanity home!

Deb Kowalzek full video – https://youtu.be/0iUfRpbaUsg

Deb Kowalzek thank you video – https://youtu.be/INqeHSUZo7w

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