Kemp Family – 2019 Brainerd

“I just want wider hallways & doors”

That’s a pretty simple response to the question of what’s needed to serve the Kemp family in their Habitat home. Paul’s in a wheelchair and he wants to be able to move down the hallway without scraping his hands on the walls; he wants to be able to get into rooms without getting out of his wheelchair; and he wants a bathroom that he can use – mainly a roll-under sink and grab bars.

Paul and Heathyr have been praying for change; more specifically, they’ve been praying they can live in SE Brainerd. And that’s just where they’ll be living – a lot on Maple Street where 2 other Habitat homes were built in 2015. The boys are eager because “there are kids in one of those houses” – they are looking forward to making friends and having playmates.

Paul was born with a stretched spine that prevented nerve growth, a very rare condition. His parents were told he’d never be able to move around. Paul proved the assessment wrong! He’s quite adept at moving around in his wheelchair even finding creative ways to navigate stairs. Heathyr is eager to have a kitchen to continue developing her cooking skills.

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