Martin Family

“To finally have a place we can call Home”

Oppression, anxiety, depression and not enough resources are challenges in Josh and Breanna face every day.

Josh and Breanna knew each other and were friends during high school.  They graduated and they both went their separate ways. Little did they know that once again, their paths would cross and years later. They became reacquainted and married. When Josh married Breanna, he also welcomed into his life Breanna’s 3 boys and he became “Dad” to them. Without the blessing of Josh coming into their life, Breanna states she can’t imagine where they would have ended up!

Breanna was a single mom of 3 boys for many years, working 2 jobs to try and make ends meet, all the while learning to manage anxiety and depression challenges in her life. Josh was a Systems Analyst in the Air Force.  When he was honorably discharged from the Air Force, he was 40% disabled which created some issues with work limitations. Breanna’s anxiety and Josh’s disability have created some challenges with consistent employment which in turn has created a gap in their finances that they just haven’t been able to bridge.

Josh and Breanna applied for a Habitat home last year and they were not approved. We asked them to clean up their credit and pay off some debt and try again the next year. Their discipline and commitment to clean up their finances resulted in their acceptance this year for a Habitat for Humanity home.

Their current apartment is way too small and expensive for them. They are looking forward to their new home and spending time in the kitchen as they to love to cook as a family. The children are so excited to have a yard that they can play in and spend time with their dog, Tucker.

This is their dream come true, to have a place to call HOME!

Josh and Breanna full story:

Josh & Breanna Thank you video –

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