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“We want to spend more time with mom!”

Those are words every single parent understands…and struggles to find ways to make a reality.

That certainly is the case for Tiffany who is raising 5 very active children, ranging in ages from 1 to 15. Tiffany’s life has been a journey through challenges.  She tells of growing up in a dysfunctional family with no good role models. While searching to fill the void that resulted from her childhood environment, she went down a path that created many hardships and challenges in her journey that she has worked very hard to overcome.

Time is precious to Tiffany; balancing a full-time job at a local insurance agency with a part-time job at a local café AND adding a few hours a week cleaning planes is no simple task for anyone, much less someone with 5 children whose activities fill the family whiteboard.  Even with all those work hours, Tiffany is barely making ends meet. The ultimate sacrifice is not spending time with her children who so want to be with their mom more.

Now settled in the Staples community, Tiffany is looking forward to a stable home she can afford. And she is eager to have a bedroom for herself again and a yard for her children to play in.  Most of all, she’s looking forward to not having to work three jobs to make ends meet so that she can spend more time raising her children.

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