Jeremy and Breanna Engholm

Jeremy and Breanna are partnering with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to build STABILITY, SCEURITY AND SELF-RELIANCE.

“The Journey of Hope, never give up, it will get better” -The Engholm family

Their new home on Timbers Drive in Park Rapids will be the beginning of a new chapter for the Jeremy and Breanna Engholm family. Their blended family includes Jeremy’s son Hunter who is almost 5 and Breanna’s daughters Corriane, age 6 and Jaylah age 2.

Jeremy and Breanna have had a journey from hardship to hope. While they both struggled with addictions and some mental health issues in their past, they have worked hard to create a new, healthy path for themselves and their family.

Jeremy credits the FATHER Project of Park Rapids with helping him get his life back on track and moving in a positive direction. “Now I’m speaking to other men who are struggling through the FATHER Project,” he said. He is giving back to help others as he is so thankful for all those who helped him on his journey.

Jeremy is currently working at Northland Fire Protection and continues with The Father Project. Breanna works the night shift at the Greenwood Connections nursing home in Menahga and is working on her RN degree.

Breanna said, “In the neighborhood where I grew up, all the kids stayed out late playing and I always wanted that for my kids. I wanted them to have a house where they could grow up and have friends in the neighborhood. That’s something that we didn’t think we’d ever have.”

The call came in January with the news that they had been chosen for a Habitat home. “I got really excited and went and told my wife,” Jeremy said.  “Corriane heard us and got really excited too. She said ‘Now we can have a dog finally!’

“The house signifies hope to us,” Jeremy said.  “No matter what happens, things will get better. You’ve got to keep striving and pushing on, you can’t give up!”.

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