Peterson Family

A tragedy transformed into a full circle blessing!

Discouragement, uncertainty, despair, places and emotions we may all have experienced but for many this hopelessness clouds their vision to ever see any open door to improve their life.

Dennis joined the military shortly after high school. Dennis had many dreams, but life handed him some challenges that resulted in choices that set Dennis in a downward spiral. Through support from his church and others, Dennis started down a path to improve his life. However, safe and affordable housing has not been an option for him and his family. Dennis is a single dad with 2 children, Harmonie 12 and Zane 10. They have been living for the past several years in the basement of his parents’ home. Dennis is working full time as a Manager at Salem WEST. He stays very active in his community by serving as a color guard and a volunteer with the fire department,

The fact that his new home is located on the very grounds where the original Salem WEST burned down serves as a reminder that with God’s grace and the support of family, friends, organizations, churches and communities, the fire tragedy was transformed into a blessing.  Dennis’s new Habitat home has given them another chapter in their story, filled with hope, confidence and a great future.

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