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Thank you, Electric, Etc.!

Next time you are in our ReStore you may notice that our electrical aisle is quite improved!  Bruce and Greg from Electric, Etc. were in the store on Monday, working like Santa's elves to spiff it up just in time for the holidays. 

The two of them generously donated their time and their knowledge to us - sorting the inventory, culling out items that aren't useful, organizing things, and helping us adjust some prices.  Result?  A more pleasant shopping experience for you!

They will be back monthly to review the aisle and keep it in tip-top shape.  We encourage you to call Bruce & Greg at Electric, Etc. for your electrical needs - they are giving back to their community and we are so grateful!

http://www.electricetc.com/                   (218) 829-4112

Electric, Etc. is a partner with us in our "The Expert's Eye," along with Michele from El-Jay Plumbing.  We are still looking for a partner for our hardware aisle - do you know about hardware?  If so, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Ann at (218) 454-7020 or bethann.norrgard@lakesareahabitat.org.  Thank you!

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