Tree Seedling Sale

2024 Tree Seedling Sale Order Form & Instructions

You may only pre-order if you are ordering 1 or more bundles of trees. You may mix & match the tree varieties to make a bundle of 10 seedlings. We will sell the remaining trees individually or in bundles on a first come, first serve basis until we sell out. Call 218-454-8517 for directions or questions.

Preorders forms can be mailed to LAHFH, PO Box 234, Brainerd, MN 56401 along with payment.


This year our seedlings are 1 to 3 years old depending on variety – check the back of the order form for details.


Seedlings will be sold in late April or early May.  Exact dates will be determined at a later date depending on weather.


Sell dates and time: Wednesday and Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or until sold out

(If trees are available) Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or until sold out

Species Size of seedling Trees per bundle Price
Lilac - Common 12”-18” 10 $30.00
Maple - Red 12”-18” 10 $30.00
Crab-Red Splendor 12”-18” 10 $30.00
White Pine 4”-8” 10 $30.00
Norway Spruce 6”–12” 10 $30.00
Fraser/Balsam Hybrid Fir 5”–10” 10 $30.00


2024 Tree Species

Lilac - Common (Syringa Vulgaris)
Description: Medium growing small tree or large shrub. Delicate fragrant purple flowers in May to June. A perfect informal hedge or screen. Suckers freely. Flowers provide nectar to bees. Grows in wide range of soils from moist to dry. Average height 12-15 ft, spreads 10-12 ft. Best in full sun. Seedlings are 2 years old.   12 – 18”

Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)
Description: Shade tree with glossy green leaves. Tolerates wet soils. Fall colors vary from yellow to scarlet.  Mature height 50 - 60 ft. Full to part sun. Seedlings are 2 years old.   12 – 18”

Red Splendor Crab (Malus X Red Splendor)
Description:  Red flower bulbs open into large deep pink single flowers. The fruit is dark and showy. The foliage is dark reddish green in the summer, and turns a beautiful reddish purple in the fall. Upright spreading form. Average height 15-25 ft, spreads 20 ft. Best in full sun. Seedlings are 1 year old.  12 –18”

White Pine (Pinus Strobus Lake States)
Description:  Fast, vigorous growing open tree with long, soft bluish-green needles; grows well in sandy and other soils.  Average height 35-60 ft, spreads 35 ft.  Full sun to shade.  Seedlings are 2 years old.   4 – 8”

Norway Spruce (Picea Abies)
Description: Fastest growing spruce with dark green needles and draping branches. Good ornamental or windbreak tree.  Grows well in most conditions.  Average height over 35 ft.  Seedlings are 2 years old.  6 – 12”


Fraser/Balsam Hybrid Fir (Abies Fraser X Balsamea)
Description:  Combines the qualities of both the Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir, producing a beautifully shaped tree with excellent needle retention similar to the Fraser Fir and the fragrance of the Balsam Fir. Makes an excellent Christmas tree and landscape tree. Prefers cool, moist well-drained soil. Average height 30– 70 ft. Full to partial sun.  Seedlings are 3 years old.   5 – 10”

Seedling Care and Planting

We will dampen the roots and place the seedlings in plastic bags when you pick them up.  Bring a bucket or mid-sized container to place them in to help keep the roots moist until you plant them.  Store seedlings in a cool area out of the sun and wind.  Do not soak seedlings in buckets of water.  Seedlings should be planted as soon as possible after pickup, and should be watered well before and after planting. Seedlings may be planted by hand or with a planting machine.  The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the top of the root mass is covered by approximately 1/2” of native soil.  Avoid J-rooting with the larger root masses.  Firmly pack the soil around the seedling.  None of the root mass should be exposed.

After planting, if water is available, water the seedlings well. For the first month the seedlings should be watered twice weekly unless there is abundant rainfall (1/2” per week). Keep weeds and grass away from the trees (approximately one foot all around the tree) for the first couple of years.