Meet Brandon & Tiffany!

york family“We are so excited to build our forever home and not have to worry about moving from place to place.”

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity is proud to partner with Brandon and Tiffany York. They have been working on bettering their lives for the past year. In the past year and a half, they have gone from living in a tent to a camper in Brainerd and having to relocate to Sebeka with their camper. Their family was generous to open their home to the Yorks. They moved into their basement, which floods when the snow melts and every time it rains hard. They have been working hard on rebuilding their credit and starting a new life. Their three boys Connor, Brayden, and Abel have been through more than any children their ages should have. They are so excited to have a room to call their own and a place they can have toys to play with!

Tiffani is in the process of going back to school while working as a Home Healthcare Assistant in Sebeka and Brandon is working full time in construction and in the Minnesota National Guard. Connor is in 5th grade and has started band, playing the saxophone. Brayden is in 3rd grade and is working on his IEP for his speech impairment. Abel is in pre-k and is loving math! They are all excited to have their forever home and be able to call it their home. They tell their friends about it and they plan to set up a drink stand to help raise money for the build. They have learned many life lessons about how to save their allowance for bigger things instead of small toys. Connor is saving up his money to buy wolf things for his room. Brayden and Abel want new bunkbeds for their room and want to paint them blue with a curtain around it so it will be their sleeping fort.

The Yorks feel truly blessed to be considered for this amazing life changing opportunity!

We are excited to share that Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity is deeply committed to partnering with the Yorks through our investment of $35,000 towards the $110,000 needed to build their home. In addition to our investment, we’ve received a generous matching grant of $5,000 to add to their fundraising efforts. We have projected to start their home build in the fall of 2021, dependent on our funding. If you are interesting in donating your time or dollars to the York family build, please donate, email us at, or calling our office at 218-828-8517.