Meet Alyssia!

Alyssia Fearing is partnering with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to build strength, security, and hope.


“I want, more than anything in this world, to give my kids a life that I wasn’t able to have. I want them to know deep down that their mom has and will continue to do everything I can for them – because they deserve so much from this world.”

As a young child, Alyssia was introduced to a life of drugs, alcohol, and dysfunction. In her words, she was “raised everywhere.” Her family moved around a lot, never living in the same house for more than a couple years. Addiction and jail time were just part of life as Alyssia knew it, until 2014.  When she was arrested that year, she says, “I thought my life was over.”  Little did she know that’s where her life was about to begin.

Although there were many struggles over the next three years, through Crow Wing County Drug Court, Alyssia says, “I was surrounded constantly by people who genuinely cared to see me succeed… It taught me what life was about, and how to live it.”

The mother of two young boys, Alyssia has faced many challenges, but she is determined to break the cycle of dysfunction. She says, “…it took up until July this year to finally give it to God…” Shortly thereafter, she applied to become a partner with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity.

Alyssia looks forward to learning new things building her home. She wants to be able to say, “I did this.”  A safe, decent and affordable home will give Alyssia and her sons the strength, security, and hope they need to change their lives.

We hope to start building a home with Alyssia in 2021. Funding is incredibly important. If you are moved by her story and want to help a Lakes Area family with a safe, decent, and affordable home, please donate on our website or send a check. Click here for details on how to make a donation.