Announcing: The Expert’s Eye!

We sell a lot of different things in our ReStore, and while we have amazing volunteers, we recognize that sometimes our electrical, hardware and plumbing departments of our Store could benefit from some professional help!  We don’t always have the professional experience to identify all of the pieces & parts that are donated to us and to make sense of them.  But that’s okay, because… we KNOW PEOPLE in our community who know things!

This week we launched a new program where professionals come in and share their knowledge with us: The Expert’s Eye.

The Expert…

  • Reviews the department inventory
  • Identifies what parts go together
  • Assists with packaging and display
  • Evaluates if the item is something that someone would actually buy
  • Suggests price adjustments if necessary
  • Educates our staff about the department inventory

In return, Lakes Area Habitat…

  • posts a sign on the aisle, “Thank you to Company XYZ for generously donating staff/hours towards organizing this dept.”
  • Features the Company on their website
  • Writes a post on their Facebook page, highlighting the Company
  • Includes the Company’s time donation in a write up in the newsletter

Our goal is to have someone regularly review the inventory in these departments to help us keep them in tip-top shape. This will enable our customers to more easily view our inventory and locate the items they are looking for, which in turn allows us to sell more goods, which enables us to build more houses!

Want to Partner with Us?
If you or your company would like to participate in this program, please let Beth Ann know.  The organization can happen anytime of the day Mondays through Saturdays. Thank you!

Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Ann Norrgard Breen
(218) 454-7020.

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