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Ways To Give

Our partner families share a thank you message.

Please consider sharing a generous gift with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity so that more families in need can know the simple comfort of a safe, sustainable, affordable home. Your generosity can create a legacy for many families for years to come!

Donors are the lifeblood of Habitat. If you have questions, please contact the office at 218-828-8517 to find out how YOU can help! All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Online, by Mail, or Phone

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity Pledge Form - 2017 Build Season
Thank you for pledging to support our 2017 builds. Once your form is submitted below, you will be contacted within 2 business days to confirm your pledge.

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  • Donate to the ReStore
  • Professional services
    • If you are a licensed contractor, you could make a big difference for our partner families by volunteering your services!  We need electrical, plumbing, earthwork, sewer and water installation, concrete, and HVAC services regular volunteers are unable to perform!
  • Building Supplies
    • Help reduce the cost of building by donating building supplies and/or material such as lumber, drywall, nails, screws, shingles, windows, and doors, just to name a few.  You can also donate items for the home such as new counter tops, flooring, sinks, etc.  Every item donated helps another partner family get steps closer to becoming a homeowner!

If you have land or a home you would like to donate or sell at a very low price, please contact Kevin Pelkey at 218-828-8517 or kevin.pelkey@lakesareahabitat.org.  Your donation helps us provide an affordable home for a family in need!

Equities that have appreciated can be donated to Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity at their current value.  The donor can deduct current value and avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciation.  For more information or to gift your stock, please contact Keven Pelkey at 218-828-8517 or email kevin.pelkey@lakesareahabitat.org.

Have you ever wished you could do more?  Many of our volunteers and donors ask themselves that question.  They are inspired to be a part of Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity when they see how their contribution to our organization gives hope and homeownership to so many families!  What if you could do something extraordinary?  What if you could leave a Legacy?

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity’s Legacy Circle encompasses extraordinary individuals who exhibit generosity and kindness to ensure families in our community will know the security and hope of owning a home far into the future. Legacy Circle recognizes people who have named Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity as a beneficiary in their will, IRA, Life insurance policy or have pledged another financial asset.  These thoughtful commitments allow Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to plan and build into the future, continuing to put families on the road of hope and homeownership.

If you decide to become a Legacy Circle member by including us in your estate planning, please tell us about it now!  Your decision to become a Legacy Circle member may inspire others and with your permission, we would like to recognize you and welcome you to the Legacy Circle!  Please contact the office at 218-828-8517 for more information or to share your Legacy!

The Builder Club allows us to more accurately plan our construction efforts during the year through our monthly giving program.  Just imagine the possibilities:  If 1,000 partners donated just $10.00 a month, the result would be $120,000 a year!  Be a member of a club that builds hope and homes for families in your community.

- Dream Builders - $5000/month
- Hope Builders - $2500/month
- Faith Builders – $1000/month
- Home Builders – $500/month
- Room Builders - $100/month
- Roof Raisers – $50/month
- Foundation – $25/month
- Community – $10/month
- Friendship – $5/month

Please contact the office at 218-828-8517 for more information on becoming a Builder's Club member.

Make a donation in honor or in memory of someone you love.  Let us send a Birthday, Anniversary, Memorial or any other card for you! Click here to make your donation in honor or memory of the ones you love!

If you love volunteering and supporting Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity, this is an easy way for your contribution to go further!  Employee matching is the simple, easy way to double your impact!  The majority of businesses in the United States have programs set up to match volunteer time or donations to eligible non-profit organizations.

Most businesses will let you match donations or volunteer time that you logged within the past year.  Each company has a different policy.  Check with your employer to see how you can maximize your donation and volunteer time to give the hope of homeownership to our partner families!  For more information contact us at 218-828-8517.