Sean & Amy

Most parents raise their children with a goal to be successful in life. They teach their children basic life skills, how to overcome challenges, and to eventually live independently. Sean and Amy are doing just that with their 2 young girls.

However, they have an additional “worry” for their oldest daughter, Everlee: where will she live that will allow her to thrive? Everlee was born 3 months early and that started the family on her medical journey. She has had blood transfusions, heart surgery, eye surgery, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, leaving her to rely on a wheelchair for mobility.

Parenting a child with special needs comes with a level of stress that is amplified by the family’s current living situation. While Sean put in a ton of effort to improve their current 1970’s mobile home, it isn’t serving Everlee’s needs. She is unable to use her wheelchair in the home which means she needs to scoot herself around navigating uneven floors. Her parents carry her in and out of the house, and that will only become more challenging as she grows. Amy dreams of a home where Everlee can learn to bake cookies, do a load of laundry, or even reach an item in a cabinet.

This family bravely raised their hand and asked to be selected to partner with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to build them an ADA-compliant home that will allow them to live as a family. This is where they will raise Everlee to learn to live independently and the family home will become Everlee’s forever home. Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity is honored to partner with the Spaid family and to help contribute to Everlee’s future with a safe, accessible home.

Sean and Amy