Pedro & Kim

Imagine growing up in a small town surrounded by family and friends and a community where children walk to Grandma’s house or help with the garden in the back yard: where parents can take their children on a bike ride or push them on a swing. That is the childhood experience that Kim had and dreamt of providing for her two girls when she became a mom. She married Pedro and started to build that life. Sadly, the future that they dreamt of building together was altered when Kim was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Due to the effects that MS is having on Kim’s body, she is unable to work. Pedro works hard to provide for his family starting his shift at Jenny O at 4 am each weekday. The family tried to purchase a home on several occasions only to be turned down due to length of time that Pedro was employed or lack of a bank account. The family craves stability and a place that they can call their own. The home that they are currently in has uneven floors, leaky ceilings, drafty windows and poses many tripping hazards for Kim as she tries to navigate her way through the home.

There are many days where she simply stays in her bedroom because it is safer for her there. The small bathroom has a bathtub that Kim is unable to get in and out of on her own. When her PC is not available, she relies on her 15-year-old daughter to help her. The family desperately wants a home that is safe, warm and will accommodate Kim’s needs as her MS progresses. Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity is thrilled to partner with the Guevara family to build a home with them in Kim’s hometown of Wadena, where the kids can walk to Grandma’s house.

pedro and kim