Meet Lisa!

“We can’t wait to stay in our “forever” home and not have to move from place to place”

As a parent, we dream we can give our children a better life than yourself and Lisa Dubray is no different. Her dream to give her children a stable platform of a stable home, has been a major challenge as a single mom with 5 children.

After living many years in an environment which was not safe for Lisa or her children, Lisa had to make some tough choices and make sure she and her children were safe. Lisa now has the total care and support of her family with limited resources.

Lisa works fulltime and takes extra shifts when available at CRMC Senior Care Center in Deerwood as a CNA. Her mom is a great support for her and helps out a lot watching the kids after school when Lisa is working. Their current rental apartment is way too small with only 3 bedrooms and not anywhere near enough space to raise 5 active boys. Lisa shares her bed with the youngest so a good night’s sleep is not something Lisa experiences.

Lisa has been working very hard on her credit for the past 4 years and has made the necessary changes and sacrifices to qualify for a HFH home.

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