Pietz Family – 2016 Pillager Catholic Apostles Build

Travis Pietz has recently become a single father of two young children (Emma who is 4, Nicholas who is 5). He found himself homeless after the mother of his children intentionally burned down their home.

Travis has full custody of his children and is currently living with his grandparents, Chuck and Joanne  Martin. Chuck and Joanne are members of St. Andrews Catholic Church.

This journey of homelessness and hopelessness for Travis has now become a journey of hope and mercy, which is why it is appropriate that he has been chosen as the Catholic Apostles Build. During the year of mercy, it is our mission to lend him our hands.

He is so humbled and grateful for this opportunity and is rediscovering his faith through all that has happened. After being absent from the church for many years, Travis is coming back home to the Catholic faith.

He is looking forward to putting the past behind him and is very excited to have a home where new memories with his children can be created.

Catholic Apostles build in Pillager, 2016. 

100% of your donation today to helps Travis rebuild a home for him and his children.  https://www.lakesareahabitat.org/donate/ways-to-give/

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