Matten Family – 2015 Brainerd Essentia/St. Joseph’s Build

Joleen and her three children Zacharay, Keiauna, and Karter’s home was our 101st home built in honor of Sister Vivian Arts, one of the founders of Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity.  Joleen is a hard working member of the Brainerd community, currently working two jobs to make ends meet.   She and her children were living with her grandmother and mother in a small house at the far east of side of Brainerd.  There, she and her children slept on mattresses on the unfinished basement concrete floor.  She was grateful to have a roof over her head, but looked forward to being in a home that would provide finished rooms and the space a family deserves to thrive in and grow.  When Joleen got the call that she was selected as our next partner family, she cried and could barely utter the words of thanks and gratitude she was feeling.  Now settling into their home, Joleen and her children can now spend time alone together as a family and create long lasting memories in.  “This is a dream come true.  I am overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone who helped build our home.”

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