Bower Family – 2017 Park Rapids

“I will have my own bedroom!”

April Bower and her two girls, Erika and Courtney are ready and eager to build their Habitat home this year. All three are currently living with April’s dad who has generously opened his home to them but is ready for his space to be his own.

When asked what this build means to them, this is what April shared:

“I never thought I would be able to provide a nice home for my girls because of choices I’ve made in the past. This opportunity for my family still seems unreal and undeserving. We are excited to not only have a new home, but to be a part of the build. Erika, Courtney and I will now get to have something we’ve never had: our own bedrooms! Our new house will also be a constant reminder for me that when you try hard, work hard and keep Jesus first, your life will be wonderful. We are truly blessed to be able to get this opportunity for our family.”

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