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LAHFH Weekly Volunteer Update Jun 26th, 2020

It has been such a joy to be back up and doing the work that we do here at Habitat. With the busy summer days, our ReStore has been busy. We are excited to see our customers and they are enjoying shopping with us again. In fact, they are so excited to be shopping and buying that we need more donations!!
Can you help us spread the word that we are seeking donations for our ReStore? They can be dropped off, or you can schedule a pick up. Doing some major remodeling? Give us a call and we can come out and salvage whatever you do not need. 
"One person's junk is another person's treasure"
We want your "junk" that is cluttering your space. Let us help you clear that out so our customers can make your junk, their  treasure!! 
                       Habitat 500 Bike Ride
On June 29th, Ruth Ann will be celebrating her 60th birthday by riding 100 miles. Scott will be riding 100 miles the next day on June 30th.
They are excited to make the ride but they need some encouragement. They need you to join them on this ride, to encourage them to ride 100 miles by giving a donation.
Maybe you would like to make a donation in honor of a loved one who didn't make it to their 60th birthday, or to celebrate someone who wasn't expected to make it to 60 years old and they beat the odds. Maybe you want to celebrate  a 60th Anniversary, or 60 pounds that you lost. Whatever your "60" is, let's celebrate it and change a family's life. We are fortunate to have a matching grant of $15,000 so your gift you make today will be doubled!!
You can give here today, help us raise $30,000 and change lives!
Visit here to learn more about the ride and how you can join us.
Follow us on Facebook and watch Ruth Ann’s and Scott’s 100 mile rides.
Dear Friends,
These first official days of summer have been busy ones at the Thrivent Faith Build site in Baxter!  Thank you to several volunteers. Along with the Johnsons, our partner family, they put in many hours of work this past week. Here is Dale working on siding the house with our partners from Pointway Church.
To see the inside of the house (and Katie’s reaction as she toured the home with Kevin), click here.
Sheetrock will go up this week and next.  If you have volunteers who would like to paint or help install flooring, let us know.  Starting July 6th, we will schedule groups of up to 5 for either a morning shift (8:30 to noon) or an afternoon shift (12:30 to 4:30) Monday through Thursday. 
As you can see, we continue to make progress on Dale and Katie’s home even with the challenges presented by the pandemic.  Through the generosity of our faith community we have raised over $51,000 toward our goal of $62,500.  Thank you for your financial contributions.
Thank you also for your continued prayer support.  Together we are working to end poverty housing and to provide the Johnson family the strength, stability and hope they need to change their lives.
To learn more about the Johnson family click here.
RReal  doing great things in Crosby!
Rural Renewable Energy Alliance, also known as RREAL works with Habitat for Humanity to identify households that could benefit from reduced electricity bills due to a solar energy installation.
They are dedicated to making solar energy accessible to communities of all income levels.
They are installing as a retrofit a pV system on Everett & Cathy Johnson’s Habitat home in Crosby. It is expected that ½ or more of the family’s electric use will come from the panels. RREAL provided all the funding (grants and fundraisers).  
Thank you RReal for your work to help families have a safe, decent, affordable and efficient home.
Saturday volunteers needed for  the ReStore!
We are really busy on Saturdays and are in need of a couple extra hands to help us out. If interested please call Karen at 218-454-7020 or email here
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July 2020 -  Habitat 500 Bike Ride
August 2020 - Eat at Taco John's - LAHFH Fundraiser
If you would like to get involved, please contact our
Volunteer Coordinator Karen Skarolid @ 218-454-7020 or email volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org
Please visit our website at lakesareahabitat.org.
Donate to our cause at lakesareahabitat.org/donate.

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