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LAHFH Weekly Volunteer Update Feb 21st, 2020

Forty positive actions for Lent 
(post 5 per week)
Rather than emphasizing what you will “give up” for Lent, focus on positive actions you can take to demonstrate the extraordinary love of Jesus. Consider carrying out some of these ideas.
  1. Commit to writing down three things you are joyful for each day. Record what you observe.
  2. Memorize a passage of Scripture that is meaningful to you — one you don’t know by heart.  Say it aloud each day during Lent.
  3. Lead the way in organizing at least one Habitat group to begin meetings with Lenten  devotions.
  4. One of our core values at Habitat for Humanity International is humility. Humble yourself before God in a specific prayer today. Identify an act of humility that you will carry out as well.
  5. Courage is another core value. Think of one person about whom you have had negative thoughts or whom you have treated poorly in the last day or so. Have the courage to ask that person and God for forgiveness.
Park Rapids - Engholm build
To read the Engholm story click here
Volunteer needs next week Feb 24-28th
Next week Mon-Thurs we will be working on trim and punch list items.  
Friday Feb 28th - Off
Jeremy is a veteran. Helping us build this home is a great way to say thanks for his service.
To get involved with the build call Karen at 218-454-7020 or email here.
Mark your calendars
for the
performance of the year! 
Come see your very own Lakes Area Stars dazzle you with their moves to help eliminate poverty housing. 
To order tickets click here
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Mar 12th - Dancing with the Lakes Area Stars
June 8th - 24th Annual Dinner and Auction
July 2020 - Habitat 500 Bike Ride
If you would like to get involved, please contact our
Volunteer Coordinator Karen Skarolid @ 218-454-7020 or email volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org
Please visit our website at lakesareahabitat.org.
Donate to our cause at lakesareahabitat.org/donate.

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