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Women Build 2016

I'm Bertha the Builder, and you may see me visiting houses around the Lakes Area!


We need to raise $80,000 for our Women Build next summer. The families I visit can donate money to Lakes Area Habitat to move me along on my travels!

What's a Women Build
A Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity project that empowers female volunteers to roll up their sleeves, plug in their power tools, and step onto the construction site. It is not exclusively women, nor is it built for any particular type of family: it is simply a chance for women who have always wanted to get involved, but never quite felt invited, to come actively help shelter a family in need.

How does it work?
When I visit someone's yard, they are invited to contact Lakes Area Habitat and contribute financially to the Women Build. Because of their generosity, they may choose where to send me next! Then, my Women Build friends will pick me up and take me to my next stop on my tour.

What happens if I donate? 
Since LAHFH is a nonprofit 501c organization, your donations are tax deductible. On top of that, 100% of donations go directly toward our $80,000 goal. We'll send you an acknowledgement for your records.

If you see me, take a picture with me, of me, or get creative and text it to 218-892-0148. 

The more people I can visit, the more people can be invited to participate in Women Build July 2016!

Contact us with any questions or to get involved! 218-828-8517

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