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LAHFH Weekly Volunteer Update April 12, 2019

Through the Lenten season I am going to post 40 positive acts of kindness.  
  • Send someone a check-in text each day just to say, “I’m thinking of you/ praying for you.”  “Heart,” “praise hands” and/or “prayer hands” emojis are encouraged, but optional.☺
  • Share with a friend a book that has been particularly meaningful to you.
  • Give up “indifference.”
  • Surprise someone today with a sincere, unexpected compliment.
  • Arrange your schedule so that you commit to participate in regular meal preparation for homeless persons.
  • . Ask a new colleague to lunc
  • Ask God to change hardened hearts—including your own.
  • Write a letter — an actual letter on paper — to a friend.
  • Read one chapter of the book of James to start each weekday.  Repeat for the six weeks of Lent.
  • Put away devices and diversions for a set amount of time each day for praying and listening to God.  
Happy Easter to all our fantastic volunteers, donors and shoppers!
The ReStore will be closed Friday & Saturday April 19-20th for Easter.
VETERANS BUILD! We are close to being done but help is still needed.
Mother Nature has worked against us on this house.
Volunteer needs next week:
Monday Apr15th = 2p - 4:30p - siding and punch list
Tues-Thurs April 16-18th - siding and punch list
Friday  - closed for Easter
Photos of all sides of the garage and the one side of the house that still needs siding.
Serving those who served us first!
If you want to help out, contact Karen at 218-454-7020 or email her here.
See you this Tuesday night!
Lakes Area Habiitat for Humanity is in need of a couple of items for the ReStore and upcoming events: 
1. Plastic bags
2. Gloves, any size
If you have some extra that you want to donate we would apprecitate it.
The Women Build Team needs help bagging groceries for Easter on Thursday, April 18th
We still have open spots left to fill.
April 18th shifts (6 per shift)
  10a-12n 12n-2p 2p-4p 4p-6p
1.Caralee  Kathy  Kathy  Karla  
2 Claire  Colleen   Clare  Mindy  
3 Lauris  Nadine  Nadine    
4 Goodie    Mindy    
Call Jeanette at 218-828-8517 or email her here
Every year we need to have a new waiver on file for each of our volunteers. So if you volunteer at the job site, ReStore or on a commitee please go online and fill out the volunteer form, or stop in and fill out a paper form. 
Thanks much!
RREAL - Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is installing pV solar panels on a Habitat house in Deerwood. 
Come out May 9th to supprt RREAL, all prceeds will go to RREAL's partnership with Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity to empower a local Habitat homeowner with solar energy.  Come out and support us!
To learn more about RREAL contact Erica at erica@rreal.org
 Please share with anyone who might be interested in construction for the summer.
To learn more about this position please go to the website listed here 
Let's think spring!
Tree seedling sales are May 1, 2 & 3rd.
Place orders now to make sure you get your seedlings.
Download order form here
If you like to bike or want to bike MN, this is your deal!  2019 route will be starting near the popular Minnesota travel destination of scenic Duluth. To find out how to get involved, go to the website listed on the poster. 
Article Image
April 16th - Veteran's fundraiser at American Legion
April 18th - WB bagging groceries at Super One
April 25th - Happy Hour for a Cause at Cuyuna Brewing Company
May 1st - Happy Hour for a Cause at Sherwood Forrest
May 1, 2, 3 - Tree Seedling Sale
June 9th - 16th - Habitat Week 2019!
June 10th - Annual Dinner and Auction
Oct 10th - MMBA Lumber & Lace Show
If you would like to get involved, please contact our
Volunteer Coordinator Karen Skarolid @ 218-454-7020 or email volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org

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