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Tree Seedling Sale

May 9-11th, 2018

Proceeds from the 2018 Tree Seedling Sale will help fund the Women's Build this summer. 

Use this printer friendly form if you would like to pre-order 2 or more bundles. All single bundle orders are on a first come, first serve basis.

Sell dates and times:
Wednesday, May 9th (if trees are available) - 11am – 3pm or until sold out
Thursday, May 10th (if trees are available) - 10am – 3pm or until sold out
Friday, May11th - 10am – 3pm or until sold out

Tree seedlings are sold by the bundle.

Species Size of seedling Trees per bundle Price    
Chokecherry 12”-18” 5 $25.00    
Red Maple 12”-24” 10 $25.00    
American Plum 12”-18” 5 $25.00    
Red Splendor Crab 12”-18” 5 $25.00    
Elderberry 12” -18” 10 $25.00    
Birch Japanese White 9” – 14” 10 $25.00    
Black Hill Spruce 9”–14” 10 $25.00    
White Pine 6”– 12” 10 $25.00    

Common chokecherry
Description: Fast-growing, hardy small tree or large shrub with white flowers in spring; native to northern US and Canada; good food and shelter for wildlife; dark purple fruit good for making jelly and wine; best in full sun with well-drained soils. Average height 10-20 ft, Full sun to full shade. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Red maple
Description: Medium-sized tree with glossy green leaves; medium to fast growing; grows in wide range of soils from swampy to dry; fall colors vary from yellow to scarlet. Average height 45-65 ft. Full sun to full shade. Seedlings are 2 years old.   12 – 24”

American or wild plum
Description: Common shrub or small tree native to eastern US; 10-25’ tall; fast growing but needs full sun; white flowers in early spring; edible red or yellow fruits good for jams and jellies. Average height 10-20 ft. Very hardy and drought resistant; excellent for wildlife plantings. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Red splendor crab
Description: Grows 12-25 ft., spreads 20 ft. Upright spreading form; red flower buds open into large deep pink single flowers; the fruit is dark and showy; foliage is dark reddish green in the summer and turns a beautiful reddish purple in the fall. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Description: Height and spread 5-12 ft. Fast growing small tree/shrub. Tolerates wide range of growing conditions. Small white flowers grow in large clusters in early summer followed by edible purplish black fruit. Attractive to birds. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Birch Japanese White
Description: Grows up to 70 ft. Moderate to fast growth. Bark is tighter than native white birch – doesn’t peel as easily and is birch-borer resistant. Moist, well-drained soil. Full sun. Seedlings are 1 year old.   9 – 14”

Black hill spruceDescription: Grows over 35 ft. Short, stiff dark green needles and a spicy scent. Extremely hardy, withstanding heat and dry growing conditions. Used as ornamental, windbreak or as a Christmas tree.   Seedlings are 3 years old.   9 – 14”

White pine
Description: Grows over 35 ft. Vigorous growing open tree with long, soft bluish-green needles. Tolerates shade and grows well in sandy and other soils. Seedlings are 3 years old.   6 – 12”