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Tree Seedling Sale

May 1-3rd, 2019

Use this printer friendly form 2019 Tree Seedling Sales Order Form  if you would like to pre-order 2 or more bundles. All single bundle orders are on a first come, first serve basis.

Sell dates and times:
Wednesday, May 1st (if trees are available) - 11am – 3pm or until sold out
Thursday, May 2nd (if trees are available) - 10am – 3pm or until sold out
Friday, May 3rd - 10am – 3pm or until sold out

Tree seedlings are sold by the bundle.

SpeciesSize of seedlingTrees per bundlePrice
Nanking Cherry

Lilac - Common12”-18”5$25.00
Flame Maple
Silver Maple12”-18”10$25.00
12” -18”
River Birch
9” – 14”
Colorado Blue Spruce
White Pine6”– 12”

Nanking Cherry (Prunus Tomentosa)
Description: Broad spreading small tree or large shrub with pink to white flowers followed by edible scarlet fruit in June; foliage is a very attractive soft green; medium growing; self pollinating; good for preserves and wine; good food and shelter for wildlife. Average height 8-10 ft, spreads 6-10 ft. Full sun. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Common Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris)
Description: Medium growing small tree or large shrub with fragrant purple flowers in May to June; flowers are excellent for cutting; bluish green foliage; suckers freely; grows in wide range of soils from moist to dry. Average height 12-15 ft, spreads 10-12 ft. Full sun. Seedlings are 2 years old.   12 – 18”

Flame Maple (Acer Ginnala “Flame”)
Description: Small tree or multi-stemmed shrub; brilliant autumn foliage ranging from orange-red to deep red; medium growing; tolerates a wide range of soil. Average height 15-18 ft, spreads 18-20 ft with a round crown. Full sun to part shade. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Silver Maple (Acer Saccharinum)
Description: Fast growing, very hardy, easy to grow tree; leaves have a silvery underside; tolerates a wide variety of soils. One of the best trees to plant where few others will survive. Average height 50-60 ft, spreads 30-50 ft. Full to part sun. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

Elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis)
Description: Fast growing small tree/shrub; tolerates wide range of growing conditions; small white flowers grow in large clusters in early summer followed by edible purplish black fruit known for medicinal properties; attractive to birds. Average height 5-12 ft, spreads 5-12 ft. Full to part sun. Seedlings are 1 year old.   12 – 18”

River Birch (Betula Nigra)
Description: Fast growing; reddish brown exfoliating bark is extremely showy and adds winter interest; dark green foliage turns outstanding yellow in fall; resistant to bronze birch borer; tolerates many soil conditions. Average height 60 ft, spreads to 45 ft. Full sun to partial shade. Seedlings are 1 year old.   9 – 14”

 Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens Glauca)
Description: Slow to medium growing; densely formed with stiff silvery-blue to bluish-green needles; thrives in dry , well-drained soils; excellent ornamental and background tree. Average height 35-60 ft. Full sun to partial shade. Seedlings are 2 years old.   6 – 12”

White Pine (Pinus Strobus Lake States)
Description:  Fast, vigorous growing open tree with long, soft bluish-green needles; grows well in sandy and other soils. Average height 35-60 ft, spreads 35 ft. Full sun to shade. Seedlings are 3 years old.   6 – 12”

Seedling Care and Planting

We will dampen the roots and place the seedlings in plastic bags when you pick them up. Bring a bucket or mid-sized container to place them in to help keep the roots moist until you plant them. Store seedlings in a cool area out of the sun and wind. Do not soak seedlings in buckets of water. Seedlings should be planted as soon as possible after pickup, and should be watered well before and after planting. Seedlings may be planted by hand or with a planting machine. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the top of the root mass is covered by approximately 1/2” of native soil. Avoid J-rooting with the larger root masses. Firmly pack the soil around the seedling. None of the root mass should be exposed.
After planting, if water is available, water the seedlings well. For the first month the seedlings should be watered twice weekly unless there is abundant rainfall (1/2” per week). Keep weeds and grass away from the trees (approximately one foot all around the tree) for the first couple of years.