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Brainstorming Session

Community members, board members, dinner committee members and LAHFH employees enjoyed a meal at the Dennis Drummond Wine Company to discuss past dinners and develop ideas for upcoming dinners. The dinner committee looked through the suggestions generated by the discussions and modified the 2018 dinner based of quite a few of them.

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General thoughts recorded at the discussion:

1) What levels of sponsorships work and what should be the benefits at each level?
a. Leave levels the same and change # of tickets (due to Maddens)
b. Add advertising to higher levels
i. $2500 – radio ad why are you a sponsor of HFH?, 2 social media links throughout the year for advertising new products, valet parking, logo on silent auction, name/logo in all advertisements, featured social media post prior to event, 8 tickets
ii. $1000 – 1 social media links throughout the year for advertising new products, logo on silent auction bid format, name/logo in all advertisements 6 tickets
iii. $500 – 4 tickets, name/logo in program and advertising
iv. $250 – 2 tickets, name in program

2) What are your thoughts on a function sponsor who pays for the cost of the event? What benefits would they
a. Start courting now
b. Consider 2-3 options
c. Higher marketing levels, name event after, use HFH in their advertising
d. $15,000 total
3) When is the optimal time of year to be solicited?
a. November
4) How do you want to be contacted – phone, email, letter? Who do we contact?
a. Email, phone (no mail) attach a PDF file to review
b. Email with follow up phone call
5) “Sponsor challenge”

1) What meal for the ticket price?
a. Cheapest – chicken dinner, side salad
2) What is the price point of the ticket?
a. $75
3) Costco cakes versus other desserts?
a. Costco – mixed results and I don’t really want to change
4) Buffet versus plated food?

a. Plated
5) How and where do we market the event?
a. Social media – link to sponsors sites, send marketing package to post online and social media accounts,
b. Radio – Ad for why sponsors sponsor
c. Sponsors email their employees information when tickets are available and the night of the event or
when online auction is available

Ray’s Video (2 minutes)
3 live auction items – trip, Kevin Cheesecakes, Keith Handyman for a day or two (sell a few of Kevin’s Cheese cakes, and ?? Handyman days) (15 minutes)
Prayer/Blessing (2 minutes)
Dinner (45 minutes)
Family video cumulation of all families benefiting from the dinner (2 minutes)
Kevin (5 minutes)
Family speaker – followed by their video (5 minutes)
Build a Home (20 minutes)
Done, silent auction closes
45 minutes for dinner, 51 minutes speakers/auction – goal is 90 minutes
Have each family create a poster board of what a home means to them
Place each family around the room with the board
Board member or HFH staff with them as advocate
Coordinate an evening to do this a HFH for all families, take picture of the family that night

Every hand, every dollar, every smile
“Denim, diamonds and pearls” – dress in jeans and bling!

Silent Auction

1) What items do you want to see on the silent auction?
a. 100 baskets soliciting and creating from hand selected silent auction donators (minimum retail value
b. Take a picture
c. Put it online with description
d. Create number to match the online description and put it on the basket
2) Working with Woman Build Committee – Kara has lists, do 1 solicitation for the year, mail in March for pick up in
1) What are the expectation of board members to help with the event and fundraising?
a. Be an advocate at the dinner – arrive early, name badge identified as board member
b. Donate a basket to silent auction minimum suggested retail value $100 (get a group of friends and
make a basket)
c. Hopefully continue to contribute as you’ve done in the past

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