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Dennis Peterson

Scott Hall presenting a “flag” to Dennis Peterson at the house dedication. Scott rode part of the Habitat 500 Bike Ride & raised over $20,000 for Dennis’ build – a Veteran supporting a Veteran.

Letter recently received from Greg Meyer

Thank you so much. I am so sad I cannot be there for the dedication, I will not be back in MN until 12/15.

I have begun to work with a group to start a restore on the Kenai Peninsula. There is so much opportunity here and it is not being taken advantage of.

Of all the builds that I have been involved in over the years, this one has the most significance for me. Salem WEST is as near and dear to me as a family member. What started out as a ministry that was a vision of many dedicated, wonderful people, grew into a community center of hope. The Salem WEST building was purchased with the most loving gift as a legacy, remodeled by the Salem congregation with donated materials, and landscaped with plants, bushes and trees that were given in memory and honor of loved ones. It is Holy Ground. When the building burned, which was an act of evil, we watched our dreams go up in flames. Our memories of those who dedicated so much of their lives to build the ministry, who have died; the donations of time, talent, and materials. Our history, our awards and pictures, our stock of items ready to support others and the center of the ministry. Within hours of the fire, while the smoke was still rolling from the ground, the community was filling our fellowship hall with donated items; churches, civic groups, businesses, and individuals were going to the Deerwood Bank to start a rebuild fund. Community volunteers came from all directions to help sort and organize our new donations. Community business people provided free storage and office space. The ministry barely missed a day of helping our neighbors.

God led the ministry to the purchase of the closed lumberyard on Highway #6 and from there the ministry has gown in its ability to support our community. That left the land, our Holy Ground, vacant and broken. When spring came our landscape started blooming and life sprang back where the fire had seemingly taken it away. God can work through our suffering and pain to accomplish His purpose in our lives. Clearly, the Hand of God is alive and active. As our motto for almost 30 years proclaims of Salem WEST - “God’s Hands at Work in Deerwood!”

The phoenix, sometimes referred to as a “firebird,” is a brightly arrayed mythical bird that held powerful symbolism in the ancient world. After a long life, the phoenix was fabled to burn itself to ashes and then rise again to life and renewed youth. What an example of this on December 3rd in Deerwood MN. A new home, a new start for a wonderful family, on Holy Ground. A home built with love and surrounded by the plantings of a loving community, dedicated to God. Out of the ashes comes new life, demonstrating once again that God has power over ALL evil and truly uses everything for His good and purpose.

Thank you for all you have done to make this build happen. There could not be a more joyous ending to a sad story. May God Bless this place, this family and all the hands that provided the skill to build this home. Diane and I are sad we cannot be there but we are in heart, spirit and prayer.

Greg Meyer
Executive Director
Kenai Peninsula Food Bank
33955 Community College Drive
Soldotna, AK 99669

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