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LAHFH Weekly Volunteer Update February 12, 2018

Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing. This February 14th is not only Valentines Day it is also the beginning of the Lenten season.  For Lent I am going to post 40 positive actions for the Lenten season. (5 per week)
  1. Make plans to be a part of a Lenten study or read an inspirational book.
  2. Shortly before Lent begins, put out a box or a bag near your eating area. Select a food item each day to donate to a food bank. Don’t make these items “extra” purchases. Share from your own food.
  3. Create a worship/prayer space for your family and set a special time for reflection.
  4. Think of at least three co-workers you appreciate. Tell them how they have made a difference in your life.
  5. Contemplate the last 40 days of Christ’s life and read one or more Gospel accounts to help you focus on the context of a particular event. Spend some time in quiet reflection.
April Bower
Park Rapids
Week of Feb 12th - 16th
No construction going on this week in Park Rapids. 
Stay tuned. 
(scheduling is always tentative due to contractors, weather, etc.)
If you want to be involved please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Karen at
 We are in need of volunteers, bread, desserts and raffle tickets to be sold. 
This is a great event for families and friends,
come out to support the Women Build.
To make this a successful event we need volunteers for the following shifts:
Set up at 2:00pm (10 people) only 3 signed up 
Registration (2 per shift)                              Raffle Ticket (1 person/shift)
4:45pm - 6:00 pm                                                  4:45pm - 6:00pm  - filled
6:00 pm - 7:15pm  - filled                                       6:00 - 7:30pm - filled
7:15pm - 8:30 pm - filled
Man 1/2 way point (2 people/shift)                   Snow shoe rental (2 people/shift)
4:45pm - 6:00 pm                                                  4:45pm - 6:00pm 
6:00pm - 7:15pm                                                   6:00pm - 7:15pm  - filled
7:15pm - 8:30pm                                                   7:15pm - 8:30pm - filled
Please plan on staying after the event to help clean-up.
Consider working a couple hours then join your family and friends for snowshoeing. After walking the course join us for some soup and live music.
To buy tickets for the event click here:
To volunteer conctact Karen Skarolid 218-454-7020 or email 
Join us for the Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity Annual Dinner
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Madden's on Gull Lake
Buy tickets now at www.habitat18.gesture.com
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Feb 15th @ noon - Women Build lunch meeting in the Habitat board room
Feb 23rd, 2018 - Snowshoe by Candlelight, put on by the Women Build team
March 23-25th, 2018 - MMBA Builder's Show - Women Build Craft Corner/Entry table
April 9th, 2018 - WB Pizza Ranch fundraiser
April 25, 26, 27th, 2018 - WB tree seedling sales
June 13, 2018 - 22nd Annual Dinner and Auction at Maddens's Resort
If you would like to get involved, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator 
Karen Skarolid @ 218-454-7020 or email volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org

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