Email: restore@lakesareahabitat.org
April Bower
Park Rapids
Start date is Tuesday, Dec 5th!
Volunteer needs for next week:
Dec 5th - Tuesday  -   Building walls
Dec 6th - Wednesday  -   Rafters
Dec 7th - Thursday - Roof decking 
Dec 8th - Friday  - Roof decking and inner walls
We are needing volunteers to get this house enclosed before the harsh winter weather hits us. If you want to be involved please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Karen
Keith’s goal is to have the house ready for the roofing crew by the end of the week.  Temporary power should be available by mid-week next week; gas line is already to the house.  Mark Almen’s trades class at Pillager High School built several sheds for us last school year & one more completed shed is ready for pick-up which will be done next Wednesday and delivered directly to the Park Rapids build site.

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