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Current Needs

Week of Feb 19 – 23rd

April Bower - Park Rapids   Monday, Feb 19 - No construction, tapers on site Tuesday, Feb 20 - No construction, tapers on site Wednesday, Feb 21 - No construction, tapers on site Thursday, Feb 22 - Continue siding work Friday, Feb 23 - Continue siding work     (scheduling is always tentative due to contractors, weather, etc.)  Roofing work was completed this…
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Week of Feb 12th – 16th

April Bower Park Rapids   Week of Feb 12th - 16th No construction going on this week in Park Rapids.  Stay tuned.    (scheduling is always tentative due to contractors, weather, etc.)     If you want to be involved please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Karen at 218-454-7020 or email volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org    
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Pick-Up Team Members Needed

We are getting so many calls for donations that we need more folks on our donation pick up team!  We provide the truck and trailer, and an experienced person for you to ride with.  We cover a large area, day by day, responding to calls from folks just like yourself who have furniture to donate…
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ReStore Sales Associates (Volunteers) Needed

We need volunteers to be sales associates for our ReStore, Wednesdays through Saturdays.  No experience necessary! It's fun to be out on the floor, helping customers find what they need for projects, and seeing the new inventory as it arrives! If you can help, please call or email Karen: (218) 454-7020 volcoord@lakesareahabitat.org Thanks!
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